| Sissy Maid Training


I take my slave training VERY seriously; this is a higher level of the mistress slave relationship. It takes time, trust and accountability. It is a huge learning curve and I will penetrate your mind, body and soul.


Many have attempted this path with me and failed, as I am dedicated to making you the ultimate and best slave you can possibly be. If I do not feel you are progressing in the correct way I will release you, the few that have made the grade, have become happier, fulfilled submissives and I have ultimately changed their lives for the better.


The path of your training will be discussed in greater detail, IF I decide to choose. My training is tailor made as everyone is different and you are treated as such. Once you have completed The Ultimate Slave Training with me I might, just might give you the Lady Velvet golden stamp of approval which is a tattoo of my logo branded on your body, I will choose the location of where my stamp will be tattooed. Branding/ID slavery is your ultimate goal. Can YOU make the grade!