Once you have completed the booking etiquette form, and a time & date has been scheduled for your session the following rules need to be observed & obeyed:

I am a Professional Dominatrix, all tributes should be handed to me in a sealed white envelope.

If you need to cancel have the decency to inform me as soon as possible, I completely understand that these things can happen, so show some respect and be sincere. Remember you can always buy my mercy with an apology gift.

Be on time!!! If you are late you will NOT receive a full session, you will be charged for the full scheduled session. (depending on my bookings on the day I may be able to extend your appointment to cover the time lost at an extra cost)

Personal HYGIENE is a MUST!!!! I spend a lot time and money on my personal appearance. I attend my sessions in immaculate condition, I EXPECT the same from you, just to reiterate BE CLEAN!!! Personal HYGIENE is a MUST!!!!

You will refer to me as Lady Velvet, Mistress, Madame or Miss depending on my planned scenario on the day.

I will NOT be topless, wear underwear or offer ANY sexual services, by having the nerve to ask this question constitutes bad manners and ignorance. For a reminder of my expectations click here Courtesy and Services