DO NOT contact me asking a million questions when I have already provided the answers here. READ MY SITE.

DO NOT call me from a withheld or private number, such calls will be immediately rejected and ignored.

DO NOT be too early – Again I understand these things can happen, please understand I am very strict with my start and finishing times, I have great respect for my clients time and privacy so it is best just to arrive at the agreed time.

DO NOT WASTE MY TIME. If you are lucky enough, and I have scheduled you in for a session HONOUR IT. If you are new to the scene I will discuss possible nervousness or any fears you may have, BE SURE YOU READY, let me reiterate DO NOT WASTE MY TIME.

Remember this is MY domain NOT yours respect, obedience, generosity and manners will go a long way with me. DO NOT attempt to negotiate my boundaries; they are clearly stated and NOT negotiable.

DO NOT ask to be my personal slave, this implies or suggests you want my services for free, DO NOT insult me! Plus I find this disrespectful… remember what I said about respect!! If I ever require a personal slave I will update my website accordingly.

DO NOT ask for ANY form of sexual activates – in doing so that shows me that you have not read my website and you are not very good at following instructions, which disgusts me. I suggest you move on and look elsewhere.

DO NOT refer to me as hun, babe, sugar, etc., KNOW YOUR PLACE. You WILL refer to me as Lady Velvet, Mistress, Madame or Miss depending on my planned scenario on the day.

DO NOT ask me personal questions all you need to know about Lady Velvet is here. READ IT!