Lack of understanding and failure to follow instructions annoy Lady Velvet, it is important you have a full understanding of what is expected of you, familiarise yourself with her website.

BEFORE contacting Lady Velvet DO NOT piss her off by asking questions where the answers have been clearly provided throughout her lounge, Lady Velvet has made the a effort in ensuring her lounge is concise and easy to navigate so do not waste her time by disregarding her efforts.

Please use your common sense, have an idea of what your BDSM fantasies are BEFORE contacting Lady Velvet, she is not telepathic.

NOT following instructions and being disrespectful is a sign of ignorance, if you display this behaviour before an agreed session time and date has been confirmed, I can assure you Lady Velvet WILL block all communication and you will be blacklisted. You will be named and shamed to the other mistresses. You have been warned.

The BDSM scene is very broad, so give me an idea what you want to experiment with, for example: Foot Fetish, Spanking, and Rope Bondage, sissy maid etc. (See how nice I can be, I am already helping you, providing you with ideas … don’t worry you will pay later)

Once you have educated yourself with my website and decided to initiate contact with me click here Booking Etiquette to start your journey with MY Darq Desires.