Phone Domme Training

The fetish industry has grown so much over the last 10 years and 50 shades of grey really put our long established world in the mainstream media spot light.  Phone domination is no expectation to this publicity, I have trained many ladies in the art of ‘Phone Domination’ over the years and the requests have not slowed down. Many submissives live in locations that are just too far away, so it is quite unrealistic for them to be able to visit a Femdom face to face.

More and more men & women are submitting themselves to their phone Dommes, My Darq Desires has now set up a Phone Domme start up course, that will allow you learn how to train your sub/slave from a distance.

This form of domination is also extremely gratifying which you can build a strong solid mistress/sub relationship. For more information Email: for training content & costs.

Dominatrix Start up workshop

We offer the essential Dominatrix start up workshop, for all you ladies who need to release your inner Domme this is the perfect place to start. The Essential Dominatrix start up workshop is conducted in a real dungeon with live slaves.

There are many misconceptions of how a Domme should be, this is a Safe, Sane consensual zone NOT the place to work on your anger issues, this is not the movies. Your voice, body language, appearance, understanding your perspective slaves and technique is all crucial in being a successful Domme.

It has been said that Dommes are born to be dominant and I totally believe this theory, what our workshop provides is how to channel and develop the natural Domme that is inside you. For more detailed information email: for worshop content and costs.




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