‘Beauty is a worthy illusion yet can be a distraction to your detriment’ you have been warned’

~By Lady Velvet~

Lady Velvet’s presence alone commands respect and submission before she even utters a single word. She epitomises the essence of class, sophistication and glamour in such a way that willing subjects are always instinctively ready to serve under her direction.

Lady Velvet’s seductive husky tone coupled with her sexy curves sets a distinctive precedence. As she begins to speak, the wavering sound of her stern voice will draw you nearer sending a steady stream of excitement and fear through the pit of your stomach.

Being a dominatrix is not just dressing for the occasion, it entails having the correct skill set, language and tone of voice. Fortunately for you, Lady Velvet has all of the above so expect your inner desires to be elevated.

By mastering total voice control Lady Velvet will deliver her commands with complete authority and at times she will effortlessly switch to sheer seduction without warning. The desired effect will keep you alert and yearning with anxious anticipation.

Lady Velvet-  MA, BA (Hons). Educated,  intriguing and alluring; she prides herself in being an experienced dedicated professionally trained Dominatrix.

Lady Velvet entices by playing out her dark desires not just for the enjoyment of controlling her subject’s body but uses this as a vessel enabling her to delve into her subject’s mind. This is the point where your TRUE submissive journey will begin… and where REAL control lives… THIS is her ultimate goal… and Lady Velvet ALWAYS achieves her goals….

~Resistance is futile… again you have been warned…~