Fetish Sessions: Over the years I have had many different requests to deliver fetish fantasies. If your fantasy is public humiliation, cuckholding, Leather, rubber, uniform, naughty school boy/girl or just talking to a beautiful woman in a BDSM setting, Please email mayiserveyou@ladyvelvet.co.uk to arrange.

You may be ‘dipping your toes’ just to test the waters or you may be a seasoned fetish whore, whatever your tastes or fantasy contact me to bring to them to life and reveal your hidden BDSM fantasies. Please email mayiserveyou@ladyvelvet.co.uk

Role Play: Role Play is another one of my favourites, simply because I love stepping into various roles of control – I love seeing obedience, fear, love, pleasure and anxiously in your eyes. There are lots of role play scenarios that we can delve into and explore….. Please email mayiserveyou@ladyvelvet.co.uk so I can unravel your deepest Darq Desires!