About YOU…… Subs/Slave information.


I will introduce you to the world of BDSM that I KNOW you SO crave. Lack of understanding and Mistakes annoy me, so I expect you have a full understanding of what I expect from you.

I will provide an consultation that will give you an understanding of how your session play out, please use you common sense and have an idea of what your BDSM fantasies are BEFORE contacting me, I am not telepathic.

BEFORE contacting me familiarise yourself with my website and ensure you don’t piss me off when contacting me by asking me questions where I have clearly provided the answers on my here, I have made the a effort in ensuring my site is concise and easy to navigate so do not waste my time.

Not following instructions and being disrespectful is a sign of ignorance, and if you display this behaviour before we even agree an appointment time and date, I can assure you I WILL block all communication from you and black list you.

The BDSM scene is very broad, so give me an idea what you want to experiment with for example: Foot Fetish, Spanking, and Rope Bondage, sissy maid etc. (See how nice I can be, I am already helping you, providing you with ideas … don’t worry you will pay later)

  • Do not contact me asking a million questions when I have already provided the answers here. READ MY SITE.


  • ALL initial contact is via email ONLY. Once we have communicated with each other I will provide you with my contact number.
  • Once you have educated yourself with my website, and you have decided to Initiate contact with me ensure you:
  • Introduce yourself (by name)
  • Where you found my website
  • Your Interest aka how you intend to serve me!
  • In the email subject box write (Your name and the day & date)
  • DO NOT contact me for an appointment outside of my CLEARLY stated hours (This applies to phone calls)


  • DO NOT call me from a withheld or private number, such calls will be immediately rejected and ignored.
  • Answer ALL questions regarding my pre appointment booking form, as this will ensure that your session is enjoyed by all parties. Plus it will inform me of any health issues you may have. So please make it as accurate as possible (This form will be sent to you once we start to communicate)
  • If you need to cancel have the decency to inform me as soon as possible, I totally understand that these things can happen, so show respect and be sincere. Remember you can always buy my mercy with an apology gift.


  • Be on time!!! If you are late you will not receive a full session but you will be charged for the full scheduled session (depending on my bookings on the day I may be able to extend your appointment to cover the time lost at an extra cost)


  • Do not be too early – Again I understand these things can happen, please understand I am very strict with my start and finishing times, I have great respect for my clients time and privacy so it be best just to arrive at our agreed time.


  • Personal clean HYGIENE is a MUST!!!! I spend a lot time and money on my personal appearance, I attend my sessions in immaculate condition, I EXPECT the same from you, just to reiterate Personal clean HYGIENE is a MUST!!!!


  • DO NOT WASTE MY TIME. If you are lucky enough, and I have scheduled you in for an agreed session HONOUR IT. If you are new to the scene I will discuss possible nervousness or any fears you may have BE SURE YOU READY, BUT let me reiterate DO NOT WASTE MY TIME.


  • Remember this is MY domain NOT yours, respect, obedience and manners will go a long way with me. DO NOT attempt to negotiate my boundaries; they are clearly stated and NOT negotiable.


  • You will refer to me as Lady Velvet, Mistress, Madame or Miss depending on my planned scenario on the day.


  • I am a ProDomme, all tributes should be handed to me in a sealed white envelope. DO NOT contact me asking to be my personal slave, this implies you suggesting you want my services for free, do not insult me, that’s my job! Plus I find this disrespectful… remember what I said about respect!! If I ever require a personal slave I will update my website accordingly.


  • My tribute prices are non-negotiable. Simple!!!


  • DO NOT ask for ANY form of sexual activates – in doing so that shows me that you have not read my website and you are not very good at following instructions, which disgusts me. I suggest you move on and look elsewhere.


  • DO NOT ask me personal questions all you need to know about Lady Velvet is here. The LV Lounge has more detailed information about me so there is no need to ask me anything more.
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